It’s amazing how much you can learn is such a short time. We’ve been in Panama City for less than a week and I’ve already got to know all these amazing women, with such great ideas, talked about so many different topics, and most of all, I’ve grown in so many ways by expanding my knowledge so much it’s even kind of scary. It’s amazing how by education you can get inspired in so many ways and find the path of development and confidence you need to create a change. This program has given me so much in every way.

Even though we’ve read a lot of different articles, talked about diverse topics and met all these women, I do have a favorite activity. A few days ago we were asked to choose a women out of 150 fearless women article. It included women from around the world who had achieved all these different stuff.  We each chose one and the next day we gathered up with my fellow students and make what they call a coffee chat, where in groups of 4 or 5 we got to talk about the topic proposed; in that specific coffee chat, it was to tell who we chose and why.

Every one of us talked about the women we had picked, and what impressed me so much was the passion we each described our picks. We found out they all had a lot in common with each other, even if they were from different countries and fought for different causes they had all such passion, perseverance and dedication. They all saw something that needed to be done, and they didn’t hesitate. What impressed me the most was that they all found the way of being heard; using different tools, like blogs, riots, or even withdrawing sex they each find the way of speaking their minds and creating change.

As we talked about these women who have accomplished so much, we found out how they also shared these traits with us. We are here to realize of out ability to make change. We’ve only been here for 5 days and I think we’ve evolved so much and we are returning to our own countries as new women. I would like to thank the ones that make this program happen and the girls that walked with me through this life changing experience. I think we all realized of our own potential and what we are capable of doing.


I’ll leave you with an interesting link where you can find interesting articles involving women and leadership, because the first step to make a change is to be informed and educated.