This past Sunday March 10th we, the Women as Change Agents 2013, had the wonderful opportunity to go visit a village of Emberá Indians. It was a wonderful day filled with learning and excitement for we got to learn about the way of life of this very interesting culture. I was amazed at how much I learned from these people in just a couple of hours, so I will share some of the learning I attained during my visit.

Their religion is based on two gods, the sky and Mother Nature. Since Mother Nature is their god, they live their life´s in accordance to this, all their buildings and structures must adapt to the earth. They rely on plants to be their medicine and to keep them healthy. And lastly when they are out hunting they are very careful with the animals they choose to hunt, they try to choose older ones and preferably males so they do not interrupt the normal life cycle as much.

I was so intrigued by their colorful and cheerful community I began to ask to the natives about their rituals and traditions. I was amazed to learn that women had active rolls in their traditions, for instance women could be Caciques of their community if the people voted for her.

I believe we can learn a lot from them, their way of caring for the earth and their way to work as a community and joining forces disregarding gender and focusing more in the qualities of each person. I think it was a blessing to go on this visit because I related to them and understood the importance of working together with your peers and the earth. I understand that working together we will get farther in life and achieve more things than if we work alone.á