So far my classes have been very interesting and very useful to my knowledge and my development as a leader (and as a person of course).

As I can’t decide which activity to write about that has caused more impact in me (because the majority of them have) I’ve decided to put three and talk a little about each of them.

First of all, the speaker Debbie Pshycoyos. She is the founder of ProEd, which is an NGO in charge of promoting quality education through more enthusiastic and prepared teachers and the transformation of class rooms.

Second, on the visit we had to the US Embassy in Panamá, we had a speaker named Sajira, but known as “Candelita”. Candelita is the name of her own company that she founded herself after a lot of thinking and a lot of work and obstacles. And maybe thinking that she had anything on her favor or on her side she is finally one of the best on what she does, little scented candles. She really is a leader because she combines humility with determination and passion.

At last but not least there was this panel where women from different countries and organizations or companies came and talked to us about the process they’ve been through and the obstacles they’ve faced to make some action. It really caught my attention because I could take with me phrases or advices that can be useful for me in the future.


For example Leanne Moss said “It’s better to say I did it rather than I gave up”. And encouraged us to take risks.  For Ellise Judge it is important to know yourself so that you can know what you’re passionate about. And Eva Rodriguez who is a total entrepreneur and the broker between china and Latin America besides of owner of different fragrances, thinks that there’s always a solution you just have to work harder, and keep on improving everything you do. She concluded a woman CAN have it all, it’s all about balance

I liked this three expositions a lot because in some way I feel related to them, to the story or the purpose of the organization. For example, with Debbie I feel related with the kind of work that she does because it involves education, kids and in consequence transformation and change in a community. Besides I’ve always seen so near education and improvement of teaching because my mom is a principal of a school in Monterrey and has always cared for that same cause. I liked the project so much I think I’m going to take it to my city.

With “Candelita”, it made me kind of feel like if I was “at home” because her story and the way she told it and where she comes from seems so easy to get. And not easy as if anyone can do it, no. But because it was hard and because she could go trough all of that and at the end get it, makes you feel like you can make it too.


To know more about ProEd: https://mospace.umsystem.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/10355/15110/research.pdf?sequence=2