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She walks quietly, but under that calm appearance, is all fury, pure power. The common woman is as common as a storm. – Judy Grahn

In my opinion this phrase resumes what I think a woman is. Energy, light, movement, and full power.

And that’s why now days it is very important to study Women as Change Agents. Because it’s as simple as it sounds. The woman is an agent of change in every and whatever place or environment she is at. As near as in our own houses, families, friends, school, work or political office.

The woman has the power to change what she touches, whether for good or ill, thanks to all of her abilities. Some of them like kindness, passion, perseverance and determination.

So the thing is to use all of that for the good of ourselves, our family, society and country. It is our responsibility, our compromise; at least it should be, to all of us who want to make a change.


Obviously each country has it’s own obstacles and the way they face them. The problem with women in my country, Mexico, (besides of the still existing violence and discrimination) is:

The battle and difference between the women who are starting to stand up for all of us, women and more people who have already noticed that there is an issue with the way women are still seen and treated and that it needs to be changed (and cannot be unless we start it ourselves)


The ones who still don’t see the problem, who still think that any type of violence towards woman can be permitted and won’t do anything about it.

So I think that’s our major goal, to make even the number of women who want a change to the women who don’t have any idea about it.

AND that could be a goal for the entire world because the issue that Mexico crosses is very much likely to the one the world does. There’s still violence and discrimination to women worldwide, although in some countries more than others. We’re missing not the desire to make a change, not the information about it, not the needed tools to do it; but all the “other half” of women who aren’t on our side. On the side of change. On the side of success, opportunities, freedom, power… on the side of equality.

To change the subject… on this course that I’m taking -Woman as Change Agents- has helped me so far to learn more about leadership. I’ve learned really useful skills to persevere and to not let down the work that is being done or the one I want to make because of external factors, obstacles or own weaknesses. On the contrary to encourage myself and the other people to move forward. Change isn’t always easy, but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. And if you have passion and determination you have everything that’s needed.

Any type of major or deep change does not come easy and does not happen overnight, at least in those changes where change has been successful.  -John P. Kotter