Topic: Women and Power

Speaker: Claire Peterson

Ms. Peterson is an HR and organization development consultant based over fourteen years’ experience as supervisor, training, project management, US and international non-profit management, program development, fundraising and technical assistance.

She came to the women as a change agents program to share with us her experience which is quite a lot, a really inspiring and role model woman, she exposed the topic through a workshop named women and power; basically analyzing the role we play in a team, how you overcome your challenges, why are we here, what’s our goal and mission on life and finally a comparison between women and men with an activity called “role play debrief”.


So there’s some ways of handling situations of be living in a inequality world; through a brain storm and personal experiences we came out with solutions or positions that you need to take in order not to be affect by that negative feelings such as pray, step by step, responsibility, maturity, adaptability, shut up!, tolerance, don’t take it personal, mirror image, re-framing, creative thinking, take away the ego and patience.

She made us make an activity really interesting; it consists in act two different situations at work;

Situation A: It was an employee who was running late to her work so she needed to confront her boss whom was a leader direct and hard. During the conversation it turned into discussion by the way in which the boss is closed to understand the excuse and reason why the employee was late, this leader was only interested about the tasks that had to be done, no matter what reason the girls had, so at the end they couldn’t get a solution and he just fired her.

Situation B: This situation was about the same girl who had running late for work but with a female boss, this conversation took a different course to the last, the conversation was in a reciprocal manner, the employee felt more comfortable and took a positive attitude toward wanting to solve the problem and put her efforts just because of the positive and empathic attitude of the leader which made ​​her feel important to the company, yet understood by her boss.


So this speaker gave us a really good picture of the reality of women as a leader, we are capable of do amazing and huge things, because is on our nature to be more empathic and using a really interesting tactic: the “positive-negative-positive” which means we know how to say ok, you did a great job past week (positive), BUT you had been running late for several days (negative) but I know you can fix it and get back to work as usual (positive).

In conclusion we need to get the best we can do and the best men can do to create that perfect combination and make the change.

I recommend a book which the speaker, Ms. Claire recommends: the three levels of leadership by James Scouller. You can have an online view access on this link:

By: Melissa Méndez Rodríguez.