Why should we study women as change agents? For some people is not worthy, but for me it is like asking if a person of today should know how to send e-mails or use a cell phone. Our world is always facing changes, sometimes they come with wars, others with science, just to name a few; but there’s always something evoking change and evolution. Germans have a very peculiar term called “zeitgeist”, which is used to refer to a person, situation or mood that describes a specific. I think that today’s zeitgeist is definitely technology and women movements and leaders. Both of these aspects are causing great continuous change all around the world.

Women are taking on activities that were reserved only to men, making a sort of stand by showing their capacity to do them. Women are thriving in different areas such as science, entrepreneurs, organizations, social studies, etc.; but they are not stopping there. Women are changing the way of things, throwing away old ways and making new ones. By studying women as change agents we are keeping up with this constant evolution, were an old male world turns into this new equity modern one.

We should be admiring at these women that risk so much in the process of changing. It’s fundamental that we study how they think, work, act, take decisions, and deal with problems, etc. since it’s our turn to carry on with this evolution.


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It all sounds so ideal, right? Women deciding to make a change and making it happen. But in reality is a lot harder than in seems. It’s a real struggle where they face many issues. In Mexico I think the biggest issue women face is the very closed, very male chauvinist mentality most of the population has, both men and women. Even thought Mexico has an annual growth rate of 3%, the mentality hardly changes. Some people my age have the same mentality of a 80 year old Mexican, for example that women and men are not equals, that women should earn less, that their role in life is to have and raise children, and the ones that work are bad mothers. I believe this issue is the hardest women as change agent have to deal with, because beliefs are the hardest thing to change.

Women worldwide face this same problem, along with others. I think the greatest issue women face around the world is ignorance; people not knowing what equality can do to the world in every aspect. How by hearing what women have to say can benefit all of us. Men and women are not the same, we differ in a lot of aspects; each on their own can do great thinks, but we need to realize that together we can go much further. Ignorance has another side: women not realizing their power and their capacity to change and improve. Women need to stick together and realize all they can when they support each other. Move past that competition with one another I think we all have experienced and just be happy for other women who move forward and get to places. We need to really help each other and make individual problems our own. Only by realizing this, women will be able to overcome this oppressing ignorance. For the rest if the world to believe in women, women have to believe on them selves and on each other first.


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