Why should we study Women as Change Agents, first is because many times we think we know what is happening around us, even we do not realize about the different issues of women happening around the world. Sometimes we believe that in our social circle we don’t have experienced violence, inequality because we are in front of student groups or social projects but it doesn’t mean that this occur everywhere.

Another important reason to study Women as Change Agents is how women’s can be empowered to be real change agents, but what is empower woman? In conclusion is to give women the tools to make them believe in themselves, give them the power to do it.

In my own way I think that studying Women as Change Agents will help me to learn about the problems or issues that women are currently living around the world and how the empowerment can apply to women to became those people who take risks, generate ideas and create change in their environment. Also is important to realize that we have the power to make things happen.

The main problems or issues that my country is facing are the inequality in public charges or the lack participation of Women in Politics. As Ana Guezmes García, the regional director of the UN Women said in a interview that “The Political participation of women in Mexico is insufficient to meet the international commitment that is to occupy at least 30% of elected positions” (El Universal, 2012).  This is something that should really worry. The reason of why Women do not hold Public charges isn’t lack of leadership, capability or the potential. As we see in world history there have been women been in front of governments and social movements, but the problem here is the inequality the barriers that society still puts on us, and the lack of knowledge we have about each has the power to being in those charges and make the change.

As we seen in the program first we need to understand what is a change, My desire is that we become interested in learning more about these topics related to women leadership, there are many things to discover, learn and a lot to change not only in our environment. We need start the change first in ourselves in order to spread it to others. This experience the Global Leadership Program, Women as Change Agents is a great opportunity to learn more about Women’s Leadership

Make  things Happen!


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