There is a startling new trend in Mexico whereby young women are not completing their high school education. Statistics from the 2008-2009 school year state that 15.9% of students drop out yearly in Mexico. Of that percentage, 14.1% are women.
To put that into context, that is 286, 287 young girls not completing their high school education on a yearly basis. This is a shocking statistic and highlights the need for decisive action.

This group has devised an action plan in order to counteract this problem. We propose an initiative where groups of young volunteers and mentors go into the schools and create a learning environment whereby girls will be encouraged to stay in school and complete their education. By connecting girls with role models, eliminating discrimination in schools and involving girls in the teaching process we believe that we can counteract the issue of girls dropping out of school.

Through education, girls have the ability to be empowered and create a solid future. That is why we as a group believe in the importance of this initiative.

Our purpose is to work in two countries, Mexico and Ireland. In Mexico we will start in a low-income school located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon; while in Ireland it will be in the Traveller community. In both cases the programme will be directed to girls between 8 and 12 years old.

The mission of StayEd (QuedatEd) is to have girls realize that they can create a better future for themselves through education. We endeavor to give them the necessary tools needed in order to help them create a vision of a better future.


The sessions will be once a week, every program lasts one monthe and we plan on doing it for 6 months. At the end of those different 6 programs (6 months) we will gather again all the children that have participated in a party and make all participate and tell their experiences to see how every one has improved.

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