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Monday morning as the Women as Change Agents speaker was Debbie Pyschoyos, M. Ed., Ed.D. Founder/CEO of PROED Foundation. This Foundation is a non-profit organization that began in 2001, influencing students the culture of learning in schools. She won the Woman of the Year in Education (2004), and been nominated for HEROES for Panama (2012), and so many more. Debbie is facilitating and evaluating the development of empowering the teachers in Panama.


 When Debbie came to us she started with an activity, she want us to own our potential, and believed that opportunity needs to be lead by potential, so she gave us these quotes and we launched in teams and discuss about them, and we chosed the better quoted that exemplified potential. “First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” (Epictetus)

Therefore, she explained to us, the main things that she is doing with PROED. She started to told us that classrooms were not designed for learn, being one behind another in a row is useful, what people of new generations need is to start to communicate with themselves.

Instead of having people row by row she came up with this idea of placing them in groups of four at a square table, this set up enabled a better learning environment in interaction between the students. Accordingly to what Debbie does, she gave these materials to fix the classrooms to the school, so that between teachers, parents and students help the school to build this new space of work.


What I like about PROED Foundation is that they’re helping the teachers one at a time, getting to know them better, and inspire them so that they can teach better, and have all these energy and new ways to encourage their students.

One of the advises that they give to their teachers is that it is important to cover most of the program, but it is more important to have a clear objective about what do you want for the kid to learn every day. “The seeds of learning are found in the heart of each lesson taught by a caring & competent teacher!”

Debbie shared with us “The Butterfly Story”, it was a butterfly that was struggling to get out of the cocoon and one man saw it and help her to get out of the tiny hole. The Butterfly emerged easily but then it stopped and couldn’t go further, it had a swollen body and shriveled wings. The man continued watching the butterfly expecting that in any minute the wings would enlarge and expand enough to support the body, but neither happened. Instead the butterfly was never able to fly. Even the man was kindness what he didn’t understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required by the butterfly to get to the opening was a way of forcing the fluid from the body into the wings so that it would be ready for flight once that was achieved.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. Going through life with no obstacles would cripple us. We will not be as strong as we could have been and we would never fly. (http://www.hawaiiswim.org/business/TheButterfly/TheButterfly.html)


For more information:

PROED youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DMj7rK1WQo8

PROED WEB PAGE: http://www.fundacionproed.net/quienes-somos/

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