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Women as Change Agents is a program that would help me find my way to empower women in my own country and around the world. Since someone mentioned this program to me, I could not think about anything else, and was a great opportunity for me to start thinking of my future.

Today young girls have been treated wrong, and we need to act on their behalf. They are our future. It’s our duty and responsibility to help them to get over these battles against injustice, and give them the skills and knowledge to inspire and help other women. They need to win their respect and a place in the society.

When I discovered this opportunity, I thought of many ways to empower these women, but I knew the first step was to do this for me. In order to help these other women I knew that I needed to help myself first, by joining this movement, and being that change agent each of these women need.

Two of the most important issues women face is self-identity and self-respect. Many of these women have lost respect for themself, lost their identities, and drive to discover ways to please others. Being a “yes” woman or a stereotypical house wife has become a mindset for many women to become the perfect wife. Truth is, we as woman have to learn how to love ourselves first. This is the only way we will learn how to love others and live a life with happiness surrounded by others.

As Michelle Bachelet says “We want a more prosperous, more just, more equal, more inclusive future. I shall keep my word. I shall tell you what I think and I shall do what I say. I give my word as a woman.”

My first day in the program was so exiting; first of all, I’m living the experience of being part of this amazing program dedicated to us all. I can tell this program is leading me to be the best of myself.

I came to class the first day , and people were great.  We started to get to know each other, girls from different countries, different cultures, all here together for the same cause. To empower ourselves, to learned how to inspire people around us, and to make a change.

Since the program started I knew something really good was coming to me.  With the skills I am gaining from the program, I now know that I need to be fearless, find my path through a vision, and make a plan of how I’m going to encourage other women. Persistence is one of my objectives, and I will help other women in believing in themselves because that’s where great ideas merge.

There’s this phrase that I just love from Marie Wilson, “It’s woman time” Back then, getting women into leadership seemed to me the fair thing to do; now I see it as the only thing to do.


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