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After attending this 2 week program our group wanted to find a way to tackle the UN’s #3 Millennium Goal

Showing the Way: Mostrando El Camino.

By 2015 the UN would like to

Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education, preferably by 2005, and in all levels of education no later than 2015

       Plan:  Develop a 1 year program in which we inform children throughout middle school and high school (secondary schools) on topics that revolve around their rights, the importance of education and prevention of exploitation. With our target audience being low-income schools/students from the ages of 12-18. This program will occur once a month for 12 months, starting at the beginning of each school year(September 2013-September 2014.) *In different schools EACH month.*

Vision: Everything is based on education and through education we can lessen the violence in future generations inflicted on women and children in our communities.

 Topics we are going to inform the children on throughout the year: 

1. Introduction to Human Rights

2. How to exercise those rights

3. NGO’s + Institutions that can help them with their rights

4. Educate on importance of staying in school

5.Life planning (Plan to be successful, organizational skills, goal oriented)

6. Mentor Program (So they can have constant support)

7. NGO’s + Institutions that help with education

8. Scholarship Program (Invite the Parents)

9. Education on family issues at home (abuse, sexual abuse, abuse outside the home)

10. Sex Education (Prevention pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, rights to body)

11. NGO’s that address exploited Youth

12. Graduation from Program (That reflects on what they have learned through the programs/ Diploma)

After the Program we hope:

  • All students who enroll can last till the end and graduate
  • Obtain a diploma from the program
  • Leave more informed about the topics and be able to spread it to other children
  • Lower the amount of violation and abuse inflicted on children in lower income families by having them informed.
  • SHOW THEM THAT THEY CAN DO IT. They can graduate from a program and become successful in the future!

A powerful video that addresses the importance of a girl and education:

The Girl Effect 

Interesting article that addresses Afterschool Programs 

and their importance.

Also if you would like to check out our Prezi presentation it is