ImageI had the opportunity to share a pretty special week with some pretty special girls, as we studied about “Women as Change Agents.” The remarkable thing about this unique trip was the passion all of these women shared. We were put into groups and required to assemble some sort of project that we would implement in our home universities’, or communities, etc.

My group shared some similar goals, yet we had very different ideas for implementation and execution. We thought this was especially good, because we could adapt and share ideas about how we thought we could improve the said proposal. We chose to spread awareness about issues surrounding GENDER EQUALITY. This was a hot topic for the week, as most of what we studied came back to this big issue so misrepresented across the world. How were we going to make a difference?

As I went through the week, I encountered many instances where even I was unaware of the extremity of some of these statistics. Did you know that some 100,000 women go missing every year in the world? What does that mean? Because of brutality and violence against women, this many go unaccounted for. This was just the beginning. The amount of women who are victimized is even larger. Why women aren’t considered equal? Are we any less than a “man?” I think not! We are such valuable and amazing creatures; I can’t seem to grasp these startling statistics.

So what my group intended on doing was spreading the word, because before a cause can be addressed, people MUST KNOW ABOUT IT! So each of us women are going to take back to our homes, a program called 50/50: Contract for a change. We are going to make therse fact known, so people, who care, can have an opportunity to fight for this cause along with us. We are going to make murals out of contracts people will sign stating that they are aware of these situations, and put an end to ignorance on these issues. We will also distribute posters and other material with the fact and statistics on them. People must know if they are going to do anything about it. Women are no less than men, and we do not deserve the abuse and neglect that is going on around the world. The change begins with awareness, and so this is where we will begin to.

If you would like to know more about these startling statistics, feel free to explore the links below. Help us put an end to violence against women!