Now a days we are facing different problems around the world, such as violence, inequality, lack of human rights, drug trafficking, bullying, human trafficking among others etc.

However, there are many people worried about making a real change in society. for example starting revolutions, initiatives, opening schools, NGO’s, being Politicians and Fostering a new generation.


The Women in the World Foundation is a powerful initiative dedicated to driving solutions that advance women and girls. The Foundation was born out of Newsweek & The Daily Beast’s anual Women in the World Summit, launched by the publications’ editor-in-chief, Tina Brown, in March 2010. An intimate and impactful gathering centered on vivid storytelling and live journalism, the Summit brings together women from all over the world. From CEOs and world leaders to grassroots activists and firebrand dissidents – each year the Summit brings to light the incredible stories of women and girls, looking at both their challenges and triumphs, and inspiring solutions to women’s issues (Women in the World, 2012).


The Daily Beast’s & the Women in the World Foundation published the 2012 “150 Fearless Women” List incluiding women from different countries, these women are making their voices heard and really became real Change Agents.



In the Women as Change Agents Program we have different activities  such as Workshops, Panels with different Entrepreneurs and discussion time called “Coffee chats”. This Chats became very interesting, because we discuss in small groups different  kind of topics. One of the Coffe Chats was about the 150 Fearless Women, every participant choose one of this Women and tell why she is considered a Fearless women and what she did now a days.


My experience with this activity was awesome, first I had never heard about the  Women in the World Summit and “150 fearless women” List, also somenthing something that caught my attention was various artists who are considered fearless by his great social work. Also, getting to know the different problems living in different countries and how women act in different ways to solve problems. In the chat we discussed about this women and the similarities between each other, among this women are passion, dedication, determination, and they’re constantly focus in their goals. It is interesting for me that most of the women that we choosed have different personalities, but at the same time they all have one thing in common, helping others.


For more information you can look and meet 150 women who shake the world:


Different videos of different 150 fearless women:


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