‘Give me a place to stand and I shall move the world.’ ~ Archimedes

Leadership exCHANGE is an educational organization dedicated to providing new skills and opportunities for young persons so that they can become active and responsible citizens in this global community.

We believe that young persons are a remarkable source of imagination and drive. Students should be given the resources and support in order to transform their ideas into action—so they can move the world.

We offer specially designed courses which focus on issues of global importance. Participants obtain an introduction to leadership during the Philosophies of Leadership, Cross-Cultural Leadership, or Organizational Leadership course. You may also choose one elective from the following courses:

  • Human Rights
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Media, Democracy, and Development
  • Comparative Study of Peace, Conflict, and Religion

Course content is complemented through:

  • Cultural Activities
  • Community Service
  • Speakers
  • Workshops
  • Field trips
  • Site visits

All courses are taught in English and fully accredited. Transcripts for the European programs are issued by Charles University, the oldest university in Eastern Europe. Transcripts for the Latin American programs are issued by the prestigious University of Monterrey, Mexico (UDEM).

2012 marks the 13th Annual program. To date more than 800 students from over 75 countries have attended one of our programs.

Four-Week Programs

13th Annual Global Leadership Program, Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
June 29 – July 29 or July 1 – 31

3rd Annual Global Leadership Program, Panama
Panama City, Panama
July 1- 30

Newly Expanded Global Leadership Program, Rome
Rome, Italy
June 30 – July 30

Two-Week Programs (may be combined with 4-week programs)

Women as Change Agents
Panama City, Panama,
March 8 – 18

3rd Annual Women and Leadership Program
Prague, Czech Republic
August 1 – 15

Social Entrepreneurship
Rome, Italy
August 1 – 15

Human Rights and International Security
Rome, Italy
August 1 – 15


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